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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 full review

Published on Nov 8, 2019 422,013 views










Our full review of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 covers all the important aspect of the pone - the build and screen quality, battery life, and of course, performance.

We have a separate video dedicated entirely to the camera image quality so don't miss that one too

▶ Read our detailed text review:

▶ Check out the full phone specs:

▶ Track Info: Welcome to Detroit 4 by Anders Bothen_

▶ If you want to know more about our host Will, check out his video episode in our Meet The Team series.

  • Sham Maideen
    Sham Maideen 2 дні тому This guy seems like he has a perpetual smile on his face
  • Polly Cosima
    Polly Cosima 21 годину тому Xiaomi Mi Note10: xiaomi mi watch :
  • Eliphaz TM
    Eliphaz TM 3 дні тому My heart says Note 10 My brain says K20 Pro My pocket says redmi 7😭
  • Jo Kris Na
    Jo Kris Na 3 дні тому How about your bank account? 😌
  • Amir H
    Amir H 3 дні тому @Jo Kris Na LOL
  • Leonis Bacher
    Leonis Bacher 3 дні тому (змінено) God says just wait for K30 :)
  • Tazboy
    Tazboy 3 дні тому @Leonis Bacher dont talk for God...God prohibits wastefulness and following whims and desires
  • D DarkD3viL
    D DarkD3viL 3 дні тому (змінено) My pocket can afford both though thats a real dilemma....
  • Harshdeep Chauhan
    Harshdeep Chauhan 3 дні тому Then go for Redmi 8 😆
  • TheBoxsMan
    TheBoxsMan 3 дні тому redmi note 7 is a beast don't worry
  • Michael Canilang
    Michael Canilang 3 дні тому K20 pro is Perfect
  • Christian M
    Christian M 3 дні тому Buy the Huawei p smart. Very good phone for the price
    BENEDICT ONWE 3 дні тому (змінено) My heart 🙊 My brain 🙊 My pocket 🙊 My bank account 🙊🙉🙈 Can't afford any of them Lol. I just watch reviews cos I love this gadgets and fan of Xiaomi.
  • John Mohamed
    John Mohamed 3 дні тому My bank account says House
  • Humaid Humaid
    Humaid Humaid 3 дні тому @John Mohamed always k20 pro is best
  • Hal 9000
    Hal 9000 3 дні тому My mind says this is a stolen joke
  • Aniket Jadhav
    Aniket Jadhav 2 дні тому What about your bank
  • Rennie Ash
    Rennie Ash 2 дні тому Your wallet says $50 special :p
  • Lothar Scholz
    Lothar Scholz 2 дні тому My pocket says telephone booth
  • Abdul Soleh
    Abdul Soleh 2 дні тому Maybe what you mean is redmi 7a
  • Rennie Ash
    Rennie Ash 2 дні тому Lothar Scholz you mean “borrow someone’s phone”
  • ifyouseekpoppy
    ifyouseekpoppy 2 дні тому I am new to xiaomi and exploring a new phone. The xiaomi redmi 7 seems like 200 pounds which is cheap?
    DAN_ HAIKAL 2 дні тому Same
  • - _ - E
    - _ - E 2 дні тому If your pocket says redmi 7. Save up a little and pick up a redmi note 7
  • Arnold Palamo
    Arnold Palamo 2 дні тому add to your list -Realme X2 Pro
  • Redemz
    Redemz 2 дні тому @Tazboy maybe his god isnt your god and doesnt care about what he does with money
  • NoWeLL ToRRes
    NoWeLL ToRRes 2 дні тому Michael Canilang I agree...Xiaomi should have put Snapdragon 855 at least or even 855+
  • Noob Trad
    Noob Trad 2 дні тому My pocket says Redmi Go. LOL
  • iNerd•
    iNerd• 2 дні тому @Tazboy oh hi god
  • Eliphaz TM
    Eliphaz TM 2 дні тому @Noob Trad you killed me😂
  • Eliphaz TM
    Eliphaz TM 2 дні тому @Redemz If it's Jesus his God, we may have the same. If not, you're right ..
  • Redemz
    Redemz 2 дні тому @Eliphaz TM isn't jesus meant to be the son of god?
  • blxzing blu flames
    blxzing blu flames 2 дні тому Mine says one plus 6t
  • barn carolium
    barn carolium 2 дні тому Lol
  • Queen Elizabeth II
    Queen Elizabeth II 2 дні тому But why is your pocket talking to you in the first place
  • MikeTheOne
    MikeTheOne 2 дні тому Note 10 cameras are better than K20 Pro. Also there will be a Note 10 Pro too
  • AIR RIFLE hunters
    AIR RIFLE hunters 1 день тому Go for note8 pro
  • lokivodka
    lokivodka 1 день тому @Tazboy phones are essential for living today
  • Roxan Tumacmol
    Roxan Tumacmol 1 день тому 😂😂😂 your not alone bro! 😭😭😭
  • MikeTheOne
    MikeTheOne 1 день тому @AIR RIFLE hunters Mediatek sucks
  • AIR RIFLE hunters
    AIR RIFLE hunters 1 день тому @MikeTheOne as per ur budget thats cool bro
  • MikeTheOne
    MikeTheOne 1 день тому @AIR RIFLE hunters I would go for Redmi Note 7 Pro instead
  • AIR RIFLE hunters
    AIR RIFLE hunters 1 день тому @MikeTheOne great
  • H1N1 Influenza
    H1N1 Influenza 1 день тому how about your epf? 😂
  • Sourabh Soni
    Sourabh Soni 1 день тому @Roxan Tumacmol 😂
  • Polly Cosima
    Polly Cosima 21 годину тому Xiaomi Mi Note10: xiaomi mi watch :
  • All stuffs videos
    All stuffs videos 21 годину тому @Jo Kris Na bank account says Iphone 11 pro. hehe
  • M Agil Fahrul R
    M Agil Fahrul R 18 годин тому @Leonis Bacher True True 😂
  • Deadpool rampage
    Deadpool rampage 11 годин тому My dad says jio phone.
  • Phuck Hugh
    Phuck Hugh 3 години тому My heart says Mi Note 10. My Wallet says Mi 9 lite. my Brain says keep your current aging phone another 3-6 months. if it can survive.
  • The RaRa85
    The RaRa85 3 дні тому Me: I guess I should expect full reviews in about a we.. GSM Arena: today. Me: oh.🤯
  • Rinpuia Ralte
    Rinpuia Ralte 3 дні тому You clearly need to subscribe to more tech youtuber.
  • Passion World
    Passion World 2 дні тому Watch mrwhosetheboss who has already released the review of his whole week 🙄
  • The RaRa85
    The RaRa85 2 дні тому (змінено) @Passion World I didn't think he did a full review though. I saw his video too which was very enticing on the camera front. Edit: yep it was his review. I guess I never heard of the phone so I thought it was his hands on impressions of it. Nice.
  • Kasallamacher
    Kasallamacher 2 дні тому why does every comment these days have to be in a dialogue format?
  • AwesomeBlackDude
    AwesomeBlackDude 4 години тому @Kasallamacher I guessing folks love those quick notes comprehension commentaries.
  • AwesomeBlackDude
    AwesomeBlackDude 4 години тому @Kasallamacher but the real good news is nobody hadn't figure out how to make a catchy fourth person perspective dialogue. 🙄😅
  • Ephraim Kiboi
    Ephraim Kiboi 3 дні тому You gotta respect Xiaomi,pretty awesome devices at lower prices
  • Polly Cosima
    Polly Cosima 21 годину тому Xiaomi Mi Note10: xiaomi mi watch :
  • Tsuikyit
    Tsuikyit 3 дні тому Camera manufacturer: How many megapixels do you want in your main camera? Xiaomi: Yes
  • Shashi Dhar
    Shashi Dhar 2 дні тому How many comments do u wanna copy? You: yes
  • gopi d
    gopi d 3 дні тому This is like the third or fourth review on one phone by the same person 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • Polly Cosima
    Polly Cosima 21 годину тому Xiaomi Mi Note10: xiaomi mi watch :
    GAMING WITH SHINCHAN 1 годину тому Ye tab hota hai jab samne se company acha maal deti hai.. Positive reviews ke liye
  • Pedro Pereira
    Pedro Pereira 2 дні тому I heard that Xiaomi alarm sound and my heart started racing Don't do that to people
  • Sub to me for no reason
    Sub to me for no reason 1 день тому No water proof, well I guess ill get a iPhone
  • Vince Andrei Retutal
    Vince Andrei Retutal 3 дні тому (змінено) Cisco is back at it again reviewing phones... yo where's ya boi Barry? 😂😂
  • fadly ginanjar
    fadly ginanjar 2 дні тому Team flash
  • Sham Maideen
    Sham Maideen 2 дні тому Nah, they don't look the same at all. Probably only the hair. Everything else couldn't be more different
  • Yudha Hermawan
    Yudha Hermawan 2 дні тому Team star lab 😂
  • Benga
    Benga 2 дні тому Flash gang wya
  • Yash Rajput
    Yash Rajput 5 годин тому 😂😂😂
  • travel n,fun
    travel n,fun 2 дні тому Tell me anyone can this going to launch in india
  • MauriFD92
    MauriFD92 3 дні тому (змінено) Like years watching your page and yesterday I discovered that you guys had a youtube channel lol
  • Mutharasan Arasan
    Mutharasan Arasan 3 дні тому 🤣🤣🤣🤣last week I discovered
  • Amit Chhetri
    Amit Chhetri 3 дні тому i did tiday
  • Dost Arkadaş
    Dost Arkadaş 3 дні тому I discovered 1 years ago but I subscribed 1 months ago.
  • Okoye Henry
    Okoye Henry 3 дні тому Found out a few months ago
  • Riaz Ryz
    Riaz Ryz 2 дні тому I noticed yesterday
    MIXED REALITY VIDEOS 1 день тому 😂😂😂 you are too late
    KILLBOY 2 дні тому Oh how I dread that sound 4:58 every frkn morning
  • john mark miayo
    john mark miayo 3 дні тому Yo wil i am growing my hair too cause i want to have long hair like yours.
  • Headboom
    Headboom 3 дні тому Video: Mi Note 10 review Also video: OnePlus ads
  • Antony Whatever
    Antony Whatever 3 дні тому Also, OnePlus is so much better value.
  • Headboom
    Headboom 3 дні тому Antony Whatever Ikr
  • Chris Piodena
    Chris Piodena 16 годин тому I got a vivo v17 pro ad
  • Bishal K Roy
    Bishal K Roy 3 дні тому This thing escalated pretty quickly
  • Don Jon
    Don Jon 1 день тому (змінено) Ir blaster most underrated feature on xiomi phones
  • Osinachi Udegbunam
    Osinachi Udegbunam 3 дні тому The only reason I want a Xiaomi phone is something about less than 5% of the customers need, IR blaster. I hate looking for remotes or drag it with siblings.
  • Hussein Hassan Aden
    Hussein Hassan Aden 2 дні тому Osinachi Udegbunam that why always tempted in buying Huawei or Xiaomi phones
  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar 1 день тому Me too
  • Shiv Kokroo
    Shiv Kokroo 1 день тому I had a hand in it, glad to see it helped someone.
  • Ramdany
    Ramdany 1 день тому me too.. it's a nice feature, i find it really helpful to control such like a tv, ac and an led lamp.
  • YuSoF MosLi
    YuSoF MosLi 1 день тому someone that think like me, I also bouhht it because of the IR
  • Osinachi Udegbunam
    Osinachi Udegbunam 9 годин тому @YuSoF MosLi your welcome
  • Droid army world
    Droid army world 3 дні тому Hey gsmarena, can you please do a full review of the new LG G8 X ?
  • Dheeraj
    Dheeraj 2 дні тому If it had a Snapdragon 855 plus this would be the most value for money phone of 2019
  • Jason Sarmiento
    Jason Sarmiento 2 дні тому I think it is reserved to the Mi 10, their flagship.
  • dexter cube
    dexter cube 2 дні тому This phone looks like p30 pro.
  • Isaac Alonzo
    Isaac Alonzo 1 день тому It's a clone with the camera module reversed
  • Polly Cosima
    Polly Cosima 21 годину тому Xiaomi Mi Note10: xiaomi mi watch :