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Road to the Playoffs! Madden Mobile 20! Full Review of The New Promo! Limited 92s all OVER!

Published on Nov 6, 2019 751 views










Instagram: Mayhem620

  • Jonathan Martinez
    Jonathan Martinez 5 днів тому So I’m guessing that you got 4 masters by grinding? Lmao
  • Mayhem Gaming
    Mayhem Gaming 5 днів тому $$$$
  • Chad Alpha
    Chad Alpha 4 дні тому You can now upgrade your captain to level 20
  • Eddie Jackson #BestSafety #BallHawk
    Eddie Jackson #BestSafety #BallHawk 4 дні тому How do you get the 500% Boost and 5X Multiplier if you buy the Master Series Pass?
  • Wicked Gaming
    Wicked Gaming 5 днів тому Actually you can’t complete a full diamond team yet because special teams only has 1 diamond
  • Mayhem Gaming
    Mayhem Gaming 5 днів тому Full diamond defense I was referring too... The most important part of any team
    BRM BRM 4 дні тому Its a boring promo I just got deforest Buckner the only reason why I did it I'm a 49ers fan so pretty hyped about his card but everything else is just boring and I miss when we can pick the scheme of the players I'm a West Coast
  • stewiegriffinfan18
    stewiegriffinfan18 5 днів тому Do you mean limited 91s?
  • Mayhem Gaming
    Mayhem Gaming 5 днів тому No... 92s... Bo Jackson, Randy Moss, etc
  • stewiegriffinfan18
    stewiegriffinfan18 5 днів тому @Mayhem Gaming Ohhhh makes sense. Sorry >.<
  • BeastGaming
    BeastGaming 4 дні тому 🔥🐐
  • Phillipp
    Phillipp 4 дні тому 4000 sub
  • Walter Kowalski
    Walter Kowalski 5 днів тому Airman’s pretty horrible tho lol, just from using him, most 87’s were better. Good vid bud
  • Mayhem Gaming
    Mayhem Gaming 5 днів тому I honestly haven't used him... But the guys I talked to swear up and down he's good.... However, they would probably swear up and down if he was straight trash too
  • Marty Knoblauch
    Marty Knoblauch 4 дні тому Anybody had trouble getting 40 yards on the first leg of the AFC master series. I normally have no trouble doing these but this one I’ve tried probably 15 times. If I can’t get past it I wasted 4000 freakin gems
  • blaze 721100
    blaze 721100 2 дні тому (змінено) I'm having trouble gaining 41 yards with an HB pass on the nfc stage 3 I could barley get 14 yards