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GLOSSIER PRO TIP LIQUID EYELINER!! Full review + smudge test

Published on Nov 6, 2019 5,394 views










Glossier made a liquid liner and here's my full review! I think this thing is magic cuz somehow I didn't mess up at all on the first try..... magic!

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  • Lucia H
    Lucia H 5 днів тому This didn’t show up in my recommended I had to go to my subscriptions!! Just FYI
  • Chloe Liem
    Chloe Liem 5 днів тому Can you please please please make a video on the future dew and just your experience with glossier in general??
  • Chloe Liem
    Chloe Liem 5 днів тому Btw I loooove your hoodie!!! We are matching🥰🥰🥰
  • Abby Hinojosa
    Abby Hinojosa 5 днів тому i just purchased this too! i really like it so far, but i do agree that it’s kind of sticky! also i love your lip color! what is it??
  • Rohini Elyse
    Rohini Elyse 5 днів тому Abby Hinojosa it’s the Kosas cosmetics tinted lip balm in pulse!
  • Cassie Fowler
    Cassie Fowler 4 дні тому ur talking so quiet compared to the background music !
  • Karen Valencia
    Karen Valencia 5 днів тому ur jewelry in this vid <333
  • bethany carroll
    bethany carroll 5 днів тому so good!!
  • Danielle P
    Danielle P 5 днів тому Love the fit!
  • Kenna Harrison
    Kenna Harrison 5 днів тому Thanks
  • Jessica S
    Jessica S 5 днів тому Where are your gold hoops from? Been looking for a pair just like them, they’re perfect color and size! ♥️
  • Rohini Elyse
    Rohini Elyse 5 днів тому They’re from Madewell :)
  • Aubry Nixon
    Aubry Nixon 5 днів тому I just placed an order yesterday and used your code!!!
  • Rohini Elyse
    Rohini Elyse 4 дні тому Yay ❤️❤️
  • toogee143
    toogee143 4 дні тому The 10% off link doesn’t work):
  • Rohini Elyse
    Rohini Elyse 4 дні тому If it’s your first order with that email it should work after you put in your shipping info! Try clicking my regular rep link first before you order ❤️
  • Hannah
    Hannah 5 днів тому What size of that hoodie did you get? I got a medium and its so big lol
  • Rohini Elyse
    Rohini Elyse 5 днів тому Hannah I have a medium too! But I love the oversized fit hehe 🙊
  • Hannah
    Hannah 5 днів тому @Rohini Elyse What kind of bottoms do you like to wear with it? I feel like I looks so weird in it! Lol probably just overthinking it but I'm just curious :)
  • Rohini Elyse
    Rohini Elyse 4 дні тому Usually leggings or tight pants and a big poofy jacket!! And some sneakers :)
  • Hannah
    Hannah 4 дні тому @Rohini Elyse Okay cool, thank you gorgeous!! <3
  • Elisabeth-Ann V
    Elisabeth-Ann V 5 днів тому Nice video! Did you try futuredew yet? Thinking about ordering it but I always trust your reviews hehe
  • Rohini Elyse
    Rohini Elyse 4 дні тому No I’m honestly too scared to try it :( cuz it made a beauty blogger that I trust break out super badly and my skin has been rocky as it is lately ahhh
  • Elisabeth-Ann V
    Elisabeth-Ann V 4 дні тому @Rohini Elyse oh oh, feelya! Ok thanks for your response, I'll sleep on it to determine whether I'll risk it ;)