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Lion Energy Safari LT: Fast Charge Solar Generator -Full Review-

Published on Nov 7, 2019 30,501 views










Safari LT: Coupon code for $100 off: mobilesolar

Lion energy sent this unit and solar panels out for free for this review.

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  • DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse
    DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse 1 тиждень тому (змінено) Tests: Inverter Max Load Test: 5:46 Solar Panel Charge Rate Test: 8:47 Car Charge Test: 9:45 Capacity Test: 14:55 Highlights: Conclusion: 15:26 Manufacturing Defect: 20:37
  • thomas barlow
    thomas barlow 1 тиждень тому Hey brother glad to see you doing well in your new home. Hope you didnt forget about us vanlifers... Renogy has this new 50A mppt / DC to DC charger which is so perfect for us who drive around in their rv/van. I think its a pretty new product. Your the only one we'd trust to review it. Im sure youd get a ton of views. Cheers from Florida.
  • DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse
    DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse 1 тиждень тому Yes! I have it and it's on my to do list. I was going to build an alternator test stand but that didn't work out. Will review it soon!
  • KawmanEcoHaven
    KawmanEcoHaven 6 днів тому Pls make a review about a unit with a 220 volt output
  • Brian watson
    Brian watson 6 днів тому What is your opinion on the red case centech invertors?
  • Karl Prince
    Karl Prince 6 днів тому @DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse I would been interested to see if you could have used both the charging inputs simultaneously, and if it favours the solar over the wall charge
  • Fake news, Fake food, Fake world
    Fake news, Fake food, Fake world 6 днів тому Really cheap way to get into solar and they look like they would be fun to test
  • greg latta
    greg latta 5 днів тому @DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse I built a 4kw continuous solar generator lifepo4 for the rolling outages here in California I wish I could send it to you to do a load test I haven't done it yet.. but it's got a lot of power it ran an air compressor intermittently for a few hours...
  • Bill
    Bill 5 днів тому Thank you
  • Wes
    Wes 1 тиждень тому I appreciate your honesty. I will never buy a solar generator until I have heard your reviews first. TY
  • The Impatient Gardner
    The Impatient Gardner 4 дні тому Me too! Seriously if i had not heard what Will said about some solar generators I almost wasted my money! He is the best!
  • JW_8868
    JW_8868 1 тиждень тому Sounds like you need to come out with your own!
  • Silent Traveler
    Silent Traveler 1 тиждень тому Not “William Prowse Approved” No Fake News Here...
  • TheGardenerNorth
    TheGardenerNorth 1 тиждень тому Product Manager for Lion Energy, Things to do, make sure resume is ready to go tomorrow. Product Manager for Lion, thoughts, WTF was I thinking sending this unit to Will Prowse.
  • Sir Slaythelot
    Sir Slaythelot 1 тиждень тому I’m buying the first one you recommend. Hopefully they listen to what everyone is looking for .
  • 1kzrider
    1kzrider 1 тиждень тому From what I learned watching your videos.. I can't see myself buying anything until they are the real deal so to say. When they are on point.
  • Ivan Quin
    Ivan Quin 3 дні тому Thanks for all of Your work, research, and videos, all well done. Respect
  • MJD W
    MJD W 1 тиждень тому Lion Energy best be listening to "Solar Jesus" WIll Prowse! amazing review per the usual.
  • tbx59
    tbx59 1 тиждень тому I want to buy something like this as preparation for power outages, but they all seem like junk
  • Neil Martin
    Neil Martin 6 днів тому Jackery makes a solid product. Jackery,com also sold on Amazon.
  • Terry D
    Terry D 1 тиждень тому With your experience you start your own design and manufacturing company. Your videos are great.
  • wakawaka1976
    wakawaka1976 1 тиждень тому (змінено) Not regulated 12v?!?!?!?! NOOOO!!!!! Make them tell you why Will. That’s why I like my Jackery
  • Sally Pickering
    Sally Pickering 2 дні тому Do you mind responding with which specific solar generators have regulated 12V output and, based on what's on the market today, which of these you feel is the best investment?
  • Green Savant
    Green Savant 23 години тому I'm thinking that the 31 pound EcoFlow Delta will blow this out of the water, and that Goal Zero too I can't believe that they did not send you one to review...very poor decision.
  • Spud Bono
    Spud Bono 6 днів тому I'm going to rip out all my landscaping and plant solar panels.
  • RustyNail
    RustyNail 1 тиждень тому Will, it's good that you review these products for us dummies.. This product is useless to me if the 12 volt is not regulated. You're 100% right. All manufactures should regulate them. I purchased the Bluetti because of your favorable review on it. Look forward to your next video. Thanks a bunch!! 👍
  • Radiotac Communications
    Radiotac Communications 1 тиждень тому It’s amazing to me that a company somewhere out there cannot create, invent and produce a solar generator with everything that’s required to be a all in one system that meets the demands of serious users. One would think they would be watching Wills videos and create the unit he would recommend. It would be a super seller to this community. I for one would be willing to pay slightly more for that system. But not so ridiculously over priced.
  • Kyle Dutka
    Kyle Dutka 1 тиждень тому The titan solar generator seems to do that but it is really expensive
  • Daniel Nicholson
    Daniel Nicholson 1 тиждень тому We seem left to build it ourselves.
  • Nicholas Andre
    Nicholas Andre 6 днів тому I think the product lifecycle is like 18 months so just wait a little bit ;)
  • ahpahchei revolucian
    ahpahchei revolucian 6 днів тому I need one for the Caribbean .we use 220v DC.i need one to power my 220v blender,220v small deep freezer and I need like 1000-1500w.can someone help me PLEASE.
  • Anonimity+
    Anonimity+ 5 днів тому (змінено) Checkout the EcoFlow Delta 1300. It just recently funded from Kickstarter (they asked for $50,000 and received $2.8 million!!). A certain someone with a YouTube channel has ordered one for testing. It looks interesting!
  • Java Beanz
    Java Beanz 6 днів тому I love listening to you Will, you are like no one else I have ever listened to speak. Your catch phrases and mannerism always seem to cheer me up. And watching you with a new toy reminds me 3 year olds at Christmas time, you just light up. Never loose that kid in you man, we get boring when that happens.
  • alsatful
    alsatful 1 тиждень тому You make things so clear and your honesty is why I come, I hope this company does the right thing and tells us here they will
  • Gus inabus
    Gus inabus 1 тиждень тому Ha ha - fun to see the difference in these systems. Love how you find these fkups lol