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Ubuntu MATE is a special flavor of Ubuntu that focuses on the classic desktop. With the release of 19.10, the developers focus on ironing out bugs and streamlining the experience. Did they succeed? In this review, I will show you around the new release with a special focus on stability.

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  • gravesociety 18
    gravesociety 18 2 дні тому Wow this such a great distribution looks really great
  • William Boyd
    William Boyd 3 дні тому Have it installed on 2 machines, one of them my gaming computer, so far all is great!
  • Party Pat
    Party Pat 2 дні тому How to configure Mate on other distros the same as it on Ubuntu? I like this desktop environment.
  • Sepehr Dark
    Sepehr Dark 2 дні тому This is XFCE/GNOME OR GNOME/KDE. When I will take even 1gb ram for intel atom, this is good for littles graphics manufacturer laptops smalls.
  • Kwisatz Haderach
    Kwisatz Haderach 3 дні тому (змінено) Had same problems, when installed gnome software over terminal it works fine(used apt but install snap)
  • Fatih Önal
    Fatih Önal 3 дні тому ya, the bugs still spoil the experience :( maybe xfce 4.14 is an overall better choice...
  • Snorri Gylfason
    Snorri Gylfason 3 дні тому I'm using Ubuntu-Mate 18.04 and love it
  • Dvizz zzivD
    Dvizz zzivD 3 дні тому Thanks, you mention firefox doing great and fine. You did not remove it.
  • 3 дні тому I use Firefox regularly, so I prefer to keep it around.
  • Iwebify Media
    Iwebify Media 3 дні тому Hi Jay great review. I tried it had the same bugs. Brisk menu crashed on the first restart and nothing in the app store after I installed it. I also had horrible screen tearing using the Nvidia driver. I installed compton and that got rid of the screen tearing but the brisk menu kept crashing so I removed it and went back to PopOs 19.10
  • Aaron
    Aaron 3 дні тому Been using Ubuntu Mate 18.04 for 2 months no issues so far.
  • Aaron
    Aaron 3 дні тому Current version of Firefox is 70.0.1 Ubuntu just pushed it out and the snap version is at it too.
  • David Pool
    David Pool 3 дні тому Jay, I'm a fairly new viewer of your channel (VERY helpful) and I am a very new user of Linux (FWIW, I chose to make the leap on an old Acer Aspire One 722 that was in the back of a closet, so I've been rather "hardware limited" and after some experimentation, I settled very happily on MX Linux). In watching your videos I've noticed your standby, "go to" defense of Libre Office is that your publishers always accepted the book manuscripts that you composed on Libre Writer. While I'm sure that's true, I'd like to suggest that might not be the larger point here. New to Linux I might be, but I am NOT new to MS Word OR the general business world out there that depends largely on the MS Office suite of apps. But along with my years of use of Word, I've also installed and used many of the MS Office "clones" that are available. The major issue I've faced (one shared by many others, based on comments I've read) is not in "acceptance," per se, but in compatibility of the docs I generate (or modify) with the Office installs at my employers' home bases or that of their clients. Folks don't like it much when you've taken a doc they've painstakingly formatted and you muck it up simply by opening it and re-saving it. In my personal experience (a statistically invalid single data point, I'll grant you), I settled on office software that demonstrated it could create docs that are much more seamlessly "absorbed" into the corporate MS Office world I frequent (another small sample), with fewer formatting errors. That, I propose, might be the concern of a larger body of users. (BTW, for me, that software happens to be FreeOffice).
  • GZ
    GZ 2 дні тому Same here. Tables are particularly annoying, I found. I had to borrow my wife's laptop and use MS word last time I needed to edit some doc file my colleagues sent me. Using Libreoffice or the new Free Office that Manjaro linux ships will both mess up the tables. Other formattings as well, like fonts, my senior told me that he had to re-format everything I sent him done in Libreoffice.
  • David Pool
    David Pool 2 дні тому @GZ I don't know if the FreeOffice I'm using is the same as what Manjaro ships with now but I'm sorry to hear that it's tripping you up. I've had very good luck with it, but....I guess that's the story for everyone: depending on what formatting your documents need to include, an office app might -- or might not -- be compatible. It's trial and error for all of us.
  • James Smith
    James Smith 1 день тому Wouldn't it be nicer instead if the business world would move to an open format for office documents? That way people could use the applications they want? I understand your point, and as I don't use MS Office for anything I do anymore because I don't like Microsoft for creating a spyware OS, things tend to change once a critical mass calls for it. I used OpenOffice for a long time but LibreOffice seems to be the way to go with better support. I don't deal with the business world with those docs though. I do, SADLY, have to maintain one machine with Windows, and MS Office. One company having a monopoly on something shows in EXACTLY the way it has been in various areas, and in the world of computing, it seems to be the thought that user personal data isn't personal, and I find that totally unacceptable, and the news keeps pointing out all the ways in which we have given up our privacy because of it. There is a slow shift right now. It's only a matter of WHEN that businesses around the world move to situations that don't limit the way documents move, or the way communication happens, while being mindful of security.
  • Kneppernicus
    Kneppernicus 3 дні тому Another awesome video.
  • 3 дні тому Thank you!
  • Mk. Nava
    Mk. Nava 3 дні тому As a normal user Suggest me a best distro
  • Mk. Nava
    Mk. Nava 3 дні тому Still pop os is your personal choice?
  • BlackWorm
    BlackWorm 3 дні тому Great review as always- For me, 18.,04 was a lot more stable than 19.10. The menus on 19.10 kept crashing (like you said), but the problem seem to be mate-panel related and not the menu itself, because I tried a couple of them with the same result. So I removed MATE and installed Kubuntu. Only thing I dislike about Kubuntu is Dolphin. So I'm still using Caja. Are you reviewing Kubuntu 19.10 btw?
  • 3 дні тому I have no plans to right now, but I may consider it. It seems to me that Kubuntu doesn't offer much, as they don't customize virtually anything. Has that changed?
  • BlackWorm
    BlackWorm 3 дні тому ​ Well. If you compare it to Neon, it has a more complete software selection, the start menu is set to the application launcher (my personal favorite) but it does not ship with the latest version of Plasma out of the box (which can be fixed by enabling the backports ppa). But Kubuntu does ship with the latest kernel and hardware drivers, so I see that as a huge plus. And there are some under the hood performance tweaks added, but that goes for all the Ubuntu flavors. And I think KDE is finally at the point now where it's newbie friendly. KDE have done a great job making sure that the settings are easy to understand (and not just kind of a mess all over the place like it used to be).
  • Michael Cowman
    Michael Cowman 3 дні тому Agree with you 100%. 19.10, in my opinion, is better than before. But, unfortunately it is still glitchy. I still find, on my hardware, that Mate Tweak is glitchy when swapping out different style desktops. To me, Familiar is probably the most stable option. I like the Brisk menu as well, for me that behaved itself this time. Maybe Mate should just focus on 1 or 2 desktops other than Familiar? I was impressed that Etcher was standard in the Software Boutique. Ubuntu Mate and Ubuntu Budgie mostly do a very good job of providing general usage software in their welcome menu/boutique. I must admit that I simply install Synaptic as a matter of course these days... I don't always find the Software Stores that reliable. Apart from still being glitchy, my personal biggest beef with Ubuntu Mate is that it looks 'old-fashioned', and it's not just the Gnome 2 style. I think their theming, personally, needs an update and their icon pack options definitely need an update. The icon for the Boutique, in my opinion is just awful. By all means have the 'coat hanger' if you have to, but put it inside a round or rectangular border and see it in relief. Yeah, I know, just little things... but the issue is that there are some very good distros out there that just do those things 'better' than Ubuntu Mate right now. Like you, Ubuntu Mate was always one of my favourite distros as a newbie (only 2 years in Linux) and it is still 'the little things' or continuing 'papercuts' that continue to frustrate me about what is otherwise a wonderful distro. Thank you for your review... I am in complete agreement with your opinion.
  • Radja B
    Radja B 3 дні тому You talk to much.
  • 3 дні тому That's kind of the point when it comes to making videos.
  • Avra
    Avra 3 дні тому that IS the point! Nice and informative, it's what I personally like in tech videos like these
  • Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr.
    Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr. 3 дні тому You can say what you want, but, Linux sucks, sorry! I have tried so many distro's, haven't found one that can do what i want that I am doing on Windows 10 Version 1903 Build 18999.
  • Peter Marchant
    Peter Marchant 3 дні тому Do you want a medal or a chest to pin it on?
  • Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr.
    Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr. 3 дні тому @Peter Marchant Where did I say I wanted a metal? Your just starting crap here and is not warranted! Your causing problems and will be reported. Later!
  • TheWhite Rabbit
    TheWhite Rabbit 2 дні тому (змінено) Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr. Winblows has a better install and deinstall setup , until Linux can do that and clean 🧼 its bugs 🐛 when it comes to provided software in the distribution. Only then will it truly be competitive with windows. At present opensuse has issues with installed software in its own distro the install button seems to be always greyed out , so I guess you can’t install the software? Unless you down load the rpm or do a one click install from their site!
  • TheDrunkenAlcoholic
    TheDrunkenAlcoholic 15 годин тому @Balsey Dean De Witt what issues do you have with linux? besides the obvious that not all windows programs will work on linux, maybe we can give you some help with the issues you are having