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SIG Sauer MPX & MCX Co2 Rifles "Full Review" by Airgun Detectives

Published on Nov 8, 2019 291 views










This is a full and complete review of the SIG Sauer MPX and the MCX Co2 .177 caliber pellet rifles.We will provide you an unbiased detailed review and will show you the performance.

DISCLAIMER: This video is meant for educational & documentary purposes only. All work on airguns and airgun accessories should be carried out by a proficient licensed professional. Airgun Detectives Channel nor YouTube will be held liable for any injury or damage resulting from attempting to duplicate anything shown in this video. Airgun Detectives Channel is not a store. We do not sell airguns, airgun parts, or airgun equipment directly from this viewing channel. By viewing this video, you are acknowledging the contents of this disclaimer.

  • JakDaniel
    JakDaniel 3 дні тому Great job! Just what I was looking for!
  • George Mapp
    George Mapp 3 дні тому Man I’m up in the Air with this one waiting on the Virtus Airgun version
  • Airgun Detectives
    Airgun Detectives 3 дні тому (змінено) I will review the Virtus as well once Sig releases it. That's a PCP and .22 cal. It will be about $125 more than these models. There is always room for both! Thanks for watching!👍
  • Adrian Holland
    Adrian Holland 3 дні тому Thanks for doing the review, be a perfect Christmas gift for my 9 year old.
  • Airgun Detectives
    Airgun Detectives 3 дні тому Not to mention something fun for Dad as well! Thanks for watching 👍
  • George Mapp
    George Mapp 3 дні тому Does not lock back definitely not getting it lol
  • Richard Hendricks
    Richard Hendricks 3 дні тому Thank you for reviewing these guns. I'm thinking about one of these for Christmas. I have a Walther Lever Action rifle that uses the 88 gram CO2 and it works well. I have also been using the rifle with the Umarex 12g CO2 Adapter Set, from Amazon, which uses 2 12 gram CO2 capsules. Both work quite well. As you mentioned, Pyramyd Air has a video that talks about using the Air Venturi Tank With Stock & Adapter, 13 cu in, Aluminum, 3,000 psi, Black to convert these guns into a PCP. The Pyramyd Air video is linked to the description of either of these guns. I like the idea of being about to have a long shooting session with the 88 gram, a shorter session with the 2 CO2 adapter or getting in to having my first PCP. Now I need to decide which to get? I like the MPX look a little better but the MCX has some great features. Keep up the great work.
  • Airgun Detectives
    Airgun Detectives 3 дні тому Richard, look for a sale and eventually you can get both! Life is short we need to play hard and have fun. You can't go wrong with either, purchase one then you can always get the second one down the road. But then again I may be the wrong person to provide my opinion since my airgun collection exceeds 200 pieces. 😉 Thanks again for watching 👍
  • Harlee X
    Harlee X 3 дні тому Another good video! I have the MPX version with the HPA setup, man I love this thing. You got a 30 round semi auto pellet rifle, grab some extra mags and shoot till you get tired.
  • Airgun Detectives
    Airgun Detectives 3 дні тому Great to hear!!! Thanks for the feedback and appreciate you watching!👍
  • Tahir Quadir
    Tahir Quadir 3 дні тому Really cool guns. Do any of them lock back on the final round?
  • Airgun Detectives
    Airgun Detectives 3 дні тому Unfortunately, these do not lock back when empty. I should have covered that, my error. Thanks for watching 👍
  • Bror Jordas
    Bror Jordas 2 дні тому Has Sig done changes to these during manufacturing of these? When I got my MCX, it did not accept the newer 88g co2 cartridge models. I had to drill the rear hole bigger before even getting to shoot one single shot with it. The short necked/threaded 88g cartriddges just did not go deep enough to get pierced. A big fail in the design of the rifle. The threading alone is enought to keep the cartridge placed. No need to get additional help by the bottle shoulders to stay installed. I use Umarex 88g cartridges myself. The 2011 models have longer necks and threads than the 2015 models. Many other brand cartridges also seem to have the shorter necks - but I have not seen enough complaints of the thing. So- I just assume Sig corrected it somehow in the middle of manufacturing of these. I'd really like to get one of the newest MCXs made - just to do a comparison. And these Sigs in the video shoot so well - that I makes me wonder if they are of "the newer issues".
  • Airgun Detectives
    Airgun Detectives 2 дні тому Actually, I believe they are the same and have not changed. I purchased both these guns when they were first released. But Ironically, I initially had difficulty trying to thread the Co2 into the MCX. I could not get the thread started and I thought it wouldn't accept the 90 gr Co2. I really had to force it and I finally got it threaded. It eventually smoothed out and threads easily now. The MPX threaded really easy from the beginning. Thanks again for watching 👍
  • Cory Jenkins
    Cory Jenkins 3 дні тому Great stuff thanks for sharing.
  • The Backyard Airgunner
    The Backyard Airgunner 3 дні тому Converting these into pcp i feel are the way to go if you plan on shooting them alot, Them 88gram co2's add up heh.
  • Airgun Detectives
    Airgun Detectives 3 дні тому Yes, but you do lose a few fps, but it is regulated which makes them very consistentm. Ofcourse you will need a fill source as well. So there can be pluses on both sides. I guess the best part is you have options either way👍
  • The Backyard Airgunner
    The Backyard Airgunner 3 дні тому Always great to have options for sure.
  • Richard Hendricks
    Richard Hendricks 3 дні тому The 2x12 gram adapter give me 160 or so shots with the Walther Lever Action rifle. PCP: For now I would buy a hand pump to fill the tank. I live in Massachusetts, my basement is not heated and it gets kind of cool in the winter. So the air option should be better than the CO2 option. The other fill options seem too expensive right now.
  • Airgun Detectives
    Airgun Detectives 3 дні тому @Richard Hendricks so true...cold weather and Co2 do not mix well!!
  • Bror Jordas
    Bror Jordas 2 дні тому (змінено) Bought the basic iron sighted black MCX when they came out. I still love that rifle. With all of it's flaws. Bought a 10-pack of Meisterkugeln rifle pellet tins for it,. But my MCX jammed shitlots. Did absolutely not like the pellets. Had to get cheap domed pellets for it, which seemed to work fabulously. Later on I noticed my MCX liked the Gamo Match wadcutters, so I switched to them instead. The cheap pellets really smudged my fingers and my rifle internally -which not be good on the long run. The triggerpull is kinda unique imo. I have liked it though. But when the trigger starts to jam - then you know it is time to take the rifle apart. The coned nozzle piece (which you can see moving a bit forward inside the magwell when pulling the trigger) has gotten worn/deformed. Or at least on mine it had. I would personally have liked Sig to do some better work on the internals of it. The internal mechanisms sit loose, and some parts would be better off as steel and not aluminium. But - I would definitely buy another one if I had to. The basic MCX is not that expensive. The plain idea behind this pellet shooter is just so great. And I do not mind at all to take it apart and fix it every now and then.😂 I have not yet scoped mine - but would like to. Only had a red dot on it. Have shot 18 meters with it and gotten approx 2" groups. But I would like to see if it improved with a scope - since my red dot covers that 2" group area totally on a distance that long. Been waiting for that Virtus .22 PCP to come out. I were really excited to hear a PCP is going to come out. Will be interesting to hear then some comments and reviews of it by real customers and users. From what recently heard, it is just way low regulated. Makes me just wonder if the build quality on the PCP got any higher up from these CO2 rifles. It would be a damn shame to put out a long awaited PCP that would not have been built to "take the pressure" a PCP has to offer..
  • Airgun Detectives
    Airgun Detectives 2 дні тому Have you tried using different magazines or rather different pellet belts? I know some are tighter than others and it could make a difference. Both my guns have had no issues with jams. The MCX, maybe one out of 1500 rounds.
  • Bror Jordas
    Bror Jordas 2 дні тому @Airgun Detectives My MCX just needed to be worked in with the cheap domed pellets. Been shooting Gamor Match wadcutters with no jam issues whatsoever for a long time now. Got 3 mags and 7 belts nowadays. All work and shoot good when the internals are okay.
  • Airgun Detectives
    Airgun Detectives 2 дні тому @Bror Jordas that's good to hear..I will be reviewing their new Virtus PCP...I should do a quick preview video since I do have photos and the official press release. I have a feeling that will be pretty awesome.